2023: My Year of Unity

I play a lot of games. A LOT of them. (Seriously, I created 2 video game UX explorations for fun – #1, #2, and did a whole series of JRPG soccer kits.) I think they’re excellent examples of how UX can be (or should have been) considered in complex interactive environments and differing physical and hardware constraints. Although I’ve never particularly considered a career in game development, I’m interested in the process and have a long-term goal of creating a small game. I had always assumed that would be a tabletop game, but at the end of 2022, I decided that I would tackle Unity as my creative goal for the year.

Here’s my first shared prototype: a simple experience where you click on pillars to destroy them. The first “shot” cracks them, the second causes them to explode. It’s a simple bit of camera control, raycasting, object swapping, and physics. Here’s to (at least) 11 more.