2 Years Later

On the evening of Tuesday, June 12, 2018, I released the first update to my website since sometime in 2012. This has been in progress, according to this blog, since February 2015.

Let’s talk about what has changed since then.

First, my last update happened shortly after joining eBay, after being laid off from Critical Mass and deciding to leave the advertising industry. I cannot understate that this is the single best career decision I’ve ever made. eBay is not a perfect company, but it has treated me and most of my coworkers well, on balance. Most likely, I updated my CV. I never did add any work from Critical Mass onto my portfolio. That’s ok – there’s no skill used there that isn’t shown elsewhere.

Second, much of my new work is not, visually speaking, showy. I believe the previous version of my website was designed back in 2010 – when I was planning to be in the ad industry for some time and it became entirely obvious that Flash would die soon. More and more people would need to see an image-heavy portfolio on their phones and tablets. The design was optimized for displaying lots of projects and relatively little text. With my shift to a product and UX design role, I needed room to go in depth with my work, plus other needs documented here.

So, over 3 years since starting and almost 2 years since my last post, I’ve launched the beta version at beta.danielboyle.net. It’s not perfect: I haven’t optimized the images and code. I haven’t even really proof-read it (yet). But I’m happy with it right now. One of the things I like most? It doesn’t look like every other site out there. I plan on adding more editorial design as time goes on

Next steps:

I’ve slowly been working on ideas for other design projects to tackle such as visual design, editorial design, game design, and more.